Farheen Siddiqui

Dr Farheen Siddiqui is currently an Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. She has been teaching computer science for the last 18 years. She has been involved in developing the course content for several courses related to programming language. Her professional interests include application of ontology in software engineering and machine learning. She has contributed several research papers to various national and international conferences and journals and is a reviewer of several international journals. She has published over 25 research papers in various International journals of good repute.


Ontology-Based Opinion Mining for Online Product Reviews
Farheen Siddiqui, Parul Agarwal. © 2019. 26 pages.
In this chapter, the authors work at the feature level opinion mining and make a user-centric selection of each feature. Then they preprocess the data using techniques like...
Application of Big Data in Digital Epidemiology
Sameena Naaz, Farheen Siddiqui. © 2019. 21 pages.
Epidemiology is the study of dynamics of health and disease in human population. It aims to identify the occurrence, pattern, and etiology of human diseases so that the causes of...
A Novel Algorithm for Sentiment Analysis of Online Movie Reviews
Bisma Shah, Farheen Siddiqui. © 2018. 35 pages.
Others' opinions can be decisive while choosing among various options, especially when those choices involve worthy resources like spending time and money buying products or...
International Journal of End-User Computing and Development (IJEUCD)
Mohd Abdul Ahad, Farheen Siddiqui. Est. 2018.
The International Journal of End-User Computing and Development (IJEUCD) examines current research on end-user development to empower individuals to conceptualize, design...