Frank-Dieter Dorloff

Frank-Dieter Dorloff studied Electronics and Industrial Engineering, and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He had professorships in fields like “Production and Accounting,” “Production and Logistics” and actually teaches in the field of “Purchasing, Logistics and Information Management” and manages the Master course “Public Transport Management” (PTM). His mostly interdisciplinary aligned research focuses on concepts, methods, and solutions to enhance interoperability in general and in e-business. He was and is engaged in different European CEN workshops dealing with e-business standards and interoperability problems in Europe, especially in developing and harmonizing standards in e-government and e-purchasing. He and his team developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer research organization IAO and the “Association Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics” (AMMPLA/BME), the widely used German business standards “BMEcat” and “openTRANS,” as well as the ontology based “Amt@Direkt” solution, the predecessor of the knowledge network within the German public call center network 115. Prof. Dorloff is member of the Scientific Advisory Board of eCl@ss, member of the board of the Institute for Computer Science and Business-Information Systems at the University Duisburg-Essen, and member of the reviewer board of IBIS, International Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems. Current research and consulting interests include more general interoperability concepts, harmonizing existing and upcoming e-business standards, as well as closing the gap between theory and practice in the field of interoperability in e-business. He is Managing Director of the IMIOS GmbH, which supports researchers and companies in solving interoperability problems.


Handbook of Research on E-Business Standards and Protocols: Documents, Data and Advanced Web Technologies
Ejub Kajan, Frank-Dieter Dorloff, Ivan Bedini. © 2012. 855 pages.
Electronic business is a major force shaping the digital world. Yet, despite of years of research and standardization efforts, many problems persist that prevent e-business from...
Efficient and Interoperable E-Business –Based on Frameworks, Standards and Protocols: An Introduction
Frank-Dieter Dorloff, Ejub Kajan. © 2012. 20 pages.
The reality of E-Business today means E-Commerce, E-Collaboration, E-Government, E-Procurement, Social Networks, et cetera. Independent of the selected area E-Business will only...
E-Business Interoperability: A Systematization Attempt Based on the Morphology Concept
Frank-Dieter Dorloff, Veit Jahns, Volker Schmitz. © 2011. 14 pages.
A long-standing and important goal in the field of e-business is to achieve interoperability between interacting commercial, private, and public partners as well as to support it...