Giulio Focardi

Giulio Focardi has a Masters Degree in Economic History and his main topics of interest as a researcher and professional are related to Community Economy, Collaborative Economy and Social Economy. He used to work as a consultant, mostly in the HR field and strategic development and multidimensional planning. He developed various mathematical models of social systems and is co-author of several books. His working method starts from the systemic analysis of situations, developing intervention models through a trace-back process, from the phenomenon to the causes. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Osun WES, a consulting firm specialized in developing companies as collaborative systems, and he is one of the initiators and president of the board of R84 Multifactory Mantova.


Co-Manufacturing and New Economic Paradigms
Giulio Focardi, Lorenza Salati. © 2019. 217 pages.
Workspaces and their design have a vast impact on the comfort and productivity of employees. Therefore, the structure of a workspace can be used to determine the socio-economic...
Multifactory: An Emerging Environment for a New Entrepreneurship
Giulio Focardi, Lorenza Salati. © 2016. 15 pages.
A Multifactory is a collaborative working environment, which helps its members to grow as entrepreneurs and to innovate as there is a constant exchange between members, and they...
Social Media as Elements of Shared Workspaces: The Multifactory Case Study
Giulio Focardi, Lorenza Victoria Salati. © 2016. 19 pages.
Shared workplaces are becoming very common within Europe. Multifactories are shared working environment that combine traits of a Coworking Space, a Fab Lab and a Makerspace. One...
A New Approach to Knowledge Sharing: The Multifactory Model
Giulio Focardi, Lorenza Salati. © 2015. 26 pages.
A Multifactory is a new concept of productive environment. This chapter presents what Multifactories are, their constitutive elements and how these interact. In this chapter will...