Gizem Günçavdı

Gizem Günçavdı works as a research assistant at Kocaeli University. The editor is studying PhD on Educational Administration since 2015. In the previous years, the editor took part in projects related to Peace Education. Most of the projects were about training prospective teachers for peace education. The editor organized four projects related to this. In addition to them, the editor organized a workshop together with colleagues from the UK. They discussed the peace education process in both Turkey and the UK. Related to peace education, the editor works multicultural personalities of school administrators for the PhD dissertation.


Resolving Intergenerational Conflicts: Promoting Peaceful Solutions
Gizem Günçavdı Alabay. © 2023. 31 pages.
Intergenerational relations have always been an effective aspect of both society and all kinds of organizations. Together with many different generations to be included in...
Empowering Multiculturalism and Peacebuilding in Schools
Soner Polat, Gizem Günçavdı. © 2020. 378 pages.
With modern globalization and technological improvements, people from different cultural backgrounds have more opportunity to interact. These differences can be seen across...
What Do Teachers Need to Become a Peace Educator?: The Competencies of Teachers for Peace Education
Gizem Günçavdı. © 2020. 19 pages.
In the recent era, the borders among countries have become more accessible. This fact makes cultural differences an important issue to be taken into consideration. It is a...