Guillermo Pivetta

Guillermo Pivetta has experience as a senior managing and strategy consultant and head researcher for international think tanks. Since 2017 he has played roles in G20 events during the Argentine, Japanese, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Italia, Indonesia, and India presidencies. He has also been active in T20, Urban20 and Youth20 projects. Currently he is a member of the B20 Digitalization Task Force, one of the G20 high level advisory boards. Guillermo has a broad based set of interests from innovation management, digital democracy and blockchain and the future cooperative economy; while working at high level projects for new data and analytics and insights for cities and investors, the role of trust in the new economy, and the changing economic management of the world of finance for consumers and business. Guillermo having a background involving entrepreneurial start-ups in the digital field and software development, has combined these with his intense interest in education and psychology having held positions as Associate Professor in the National Technological University of the Argentine. He holds three specializations degrees -Education Management (UdeSA), Human Development (FLACSO) and Innovation Management (UBA), with a BSc. degree in Psychology (UNMDP). He remains a creative leader in all activities that he engages with, and is a passionate champion for a transition to a better future global economy.


Global Trust Registry Plus (GTR +) Connecting G20 Vision With Actions in Industry 5.0 Era: Global Trust Registry Initiative
Reymond Voutier, Mahmoud Numan Bakkar, Guillermo Pivetta. © 2023. 20 pages.
The chapter is based on the white paper distributed to the group of twenty (G20) and other global organizations concerning the global trust registry plus (GTR +) proposals for a...