Guus Wijngaards

Guus Wijngaards practiced the following professions before he started to work as Professor on eLearning at the Inholland University: Teacher, Researcher, Journalist, Foreign Secretary teacher union, Secretary General European Association of Teachers (AEDE), Editor in Chief and Projects Manager of CONTEXT, EUN (European Schoolnet) Communication Manager and Deputy Director. Since 1973, he was active in many organizations, to mention a few: Member of the General Board and Chairman of the Working Party Management Training and Education of the European Movement, Member of Scientific Institute of the Dutch Christian Democratic Party, Member of Society of Dutch Literature, Member of Team Europe, National Chairman of the Dutch Herpetology Association “Lacerta”. He attained in May 1973 an MA in Dutch and in February 1986, an Arts PhD on European cultural and scientific history. He has published several books and some 300 articles on educational, cultural, foreign political and literary subjects.


Student Reactions to Learning with Technologies: Perceptions and Outcomes
Kathryn Moyle, Guus Wijngaards. © 2012. 318 pages.
While the creation and adoption of new technologies has increased in recent years, the educational sector often limits technology use. Despite this, many researchers are...
Students’ Views about Learning with Technologies: A Literature Review
Kathryn Moyle, Guus Wijngaards, Susanne Owen. © 2012. 21 pages.
There is a paucity of recent, formal education research that listens directly to students’ views of learning with technologies. Much of the research that has been conducted has...