Hans J. Scholl

Hans Jochen Scholl is an Associate Professor in the University of Washington’s Information School. He earned a PhD in Information Science from the University of Albany, NY/SUNY and also holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the GSBA Zurich, Switzerland. His research interests revolve around human-originated complex systems, in particular, in the contexts of technology evolution, information management, electronic government, organizational transformation, process change, business intelligence, information systems success, and private-sector firm survival. He is the PI of the NSF-funded Fully Mobile City Government research project (2005 to 2011). Jochen is a member of the NSF-funded working group on transnational government research (2007 to 2010). He chairs the Electronic Government Track at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) and as a member of the organizing committee the IFIP/EGOV conferences. He also serves as the president of the Digital Government Society of North America (2010 to 2011).


Strategic Overhaul of Government Operations: Situated Action Analysis of Socio-Technical Innovation in the Public Sector
Hans J. Scholl. © 2019. 35 pages.
Field operations in municipal governments have undergone fundamental adjustments. This empirical study investigated the ramifications of the strategic shift in government field...
The Research View
Hans J. Scholl. © 2011. 2 pages.
This Foreword is included in the book Interoperability in Digital Public Services and Administration: Bridging E-Government and E-Business.
Hans J. Scholl. © 2009. 2 pages.
This Foreword is included in the book Handbook of Research on ICT-Enabled Transformational Government: A Global Perspective.
Motives, Strategic Approach, Objectives & Focal Areas in e-Gov-Induced Change
Hans J. Scholl. © 2005. 20 pages.
In its early catalogue and transaction phases, E-Government (e-Gov) has been quite successful, although some critics say that it mainly reaped the harvest of relatively low...