Helen Durham

Helen Durham has been a research officer in the school of geography at the University of Leeds since 1993 and has worked on a variety of externally-funded projects. Her skill areas are in spatial analysis, geographical information systems and the UK Census. Helen has carried out research in internal migration and population dynamics in Europe with Professor Phil Rees and Dr Marek Kupiszewski, co-authoring a series of working papers and journal papers from 1996 to 2001. From 2000 her focus has been in supporting and developing e-learning material, firstly for the JISC-funded Collection of Historical and Contemporary Censuses (CHCC) project and since 2003 on the JISC/NSF Digital Libraries in the Classroom Programme. Helen played a major role in the development of an online Census Atlas, a digital resource started under the CHCC project and completed as part of the DialogPLUS project. The Atlas allows the visualisation and exploration of Census data from the 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001 UK Census, both for individual Census years and also examining the change over time across the three-decade period. A paper describing the Census Atlas, which Helen lead authored, was published in Area journal in 2006.


E-Learning for Geographers: Online Materials, Resources, and Repositories
Philip Rees, Louise MacKay, David Martin, Helen Durham. © 2009. 364 pages.
Technological advances have created the ability to put lectures, tutorials, and student activities online for academic instructors. However, for most teachers, especially those...
Collaborative Learning Activity Design: Learning about the Global Positioning System
Helen Durham, Katherine Arrell, David DiBiase. © 2009. 14 pages.
Collaborative learning activity design (CLAD) is a multi-institution approach to the creation of e-learning material from the design phase through the development stage and onto...
Census and Population Analysis
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This chapter presents the development of a series of shared learning materials prepared to facilitate teaching in human geography. The principal focus of this work has been on...
Generic Learning Materials: Developing Academic Integrity in Your Students
Helen Durham, Samuel Leung, David DiBiase. © 2009. 16 pages.
Academic integrity (AI) is of relevance across all academic disciplines, both from the perspective of the educator and the student. From the former perspective there is the need...
Reflections, Lessons Learnt, and Conclusions
Louise Mackay, David Martin, Philip Rees, Helen Durham. © 2009. 8 pages.
In this book we have illustrated the materials, software, and experience of developing and delivering geography e-learning courses and learning activities. In this chapter we...