Henk Eijkman

Henk Eijkman is a tertiary education learning solutions consultant specializing in outcomes-based, socially inclusive learning as well as social media oriented flexible learning. He is currently a visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales, Canberra Campus, Australia, Editor-in-Chief of “The Learning Organization” and Co-Editor of the International Journal of Quality Assurance in Engineering and Technology Education (IJQAETE). While innovation and organizational culture change in the service of socially inclusive adult learning is a central theme of his work he has a special interest in engineering education. His aspiration to make positive contributions to student-centered learning in tertiary education has taken him to South Africa, Malaysia, Palestine, and India. He publishes widely in international journals, and serves on a number of conference committees. His research agenda, grounded in a social theory of learning, currently focuses on the role of social media; the politics of knowledge in organizational and individual learning; the trans-nationalization of learning; and tertiary education in disrupted and post-conflict societies.


New Media Communication Skills for Engineers and IT Professionals: Trans-National and Trans-Cultural Demands
Arun Patil, Henk Eijkman, Ena Bhattacharyya. © 2012. 272 pages.
The communication demands expected of today’s engineers and information technology professionals immersed in multicultural global enterprises are unsurpassed. New Media...
Addressing the Politics of Accreditation in Engineering Education: The Benefits of Soft Systems Thinking
Henk Eijkman, Obada Kayali. © 2011. 10 pages.
Engineering departments may face a formidable task in conducting effective accreditation reviews of their programs and ensuring that their outcomes meet the demands of the...