Henry Gillow-Wiles

Henry Gillow-Wiles has both a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and a M.S. in Mathematics from Oregon State University. His research centers on investigating the impact of online community of inquiry structures on teaching and learning. His most recent project focused on helping college level faculty redesign their courses to more fully engage first-year and first- generation students using a High Impact Practices structure to create signature assignments. With a student-centered pedagogical perspective, these vulnerable students were better able to transition to the tasks for college students. As part of sharing his research, he has edited several research compendiums and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed journals and chapters. In addition to delivering numerous conference presentations, he has served as the chair for the SITE math education SIG and the Internet officer in the American Education Research Association as for the SIG-TACTL (Technology as a Change Agent in Teaching and Learning).


Handbook of Research on Transforming Teachers’ Online Pedagogical Reasoning for Engaging K-12 Students in Virtual Learning
Margaret L. Niess, Henry Gillow-Wiles. © 2021. 664 pages.
The COVID-19 pandemic drastically transformed the classroom by keeping students and teachers apart for the sake of safety. As schools emptied, remote learning rapidly expanded...
Is There Recess on Mars?: Developing a Sense of Belonging in Online Learning
Henry Gillow-Wiles, Margaret L. Niess. © 2021. 18 pages.
The pandemic of 2019 created a multitude of challenges for teachers and students alike. The urgency with which education was forced to transition to a fully online delivery...
Developing Teachers' Knowledge for Teaching in Virtual Contexts: Lessons From the Pandemic of 2020-2021
Margaret L. Niess, Henry Gillow-Wiles. © 2021. 22 pages.
The 2020 worldwide pandemic signaled the COVID-19 crisis as a real threat and forced K-12 schools to move teaching and learning from face-to-face classrooms to online virtual...
Mathematics Teachers' Knowledge-of-Practice With Technologies in an Online Masters' Program: Scoop Action Research Experiences and Reflections
Margaret L. Niess, Henry Gillow-Wiles. © 2019. 30 pages.
As teacher education leverages online instructional environments, an important research focus is how best to re-conceptualize mathematics inservice teacher classroom...