Hongji Yang

Hongji Yang is currently the Head of Division of System Design in the School of Computing at De Montfort University and also Deputy Technical Director in the Software Technology Research Laboratory at De Montfort University. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Durham University, England, his M.Phil. in Computer Science from Jilin University, China, and his B.Sc. in Computer Science from Jilin University, China.


International Journal of SME Research and Innovation (IJSMERI)
Varun Gupta. Est. 2024.
The International Journal of SME Research and Innovation (IJSMERI) is a multidisciplinary Journal of Practice dedicated to advancing knowledge and insights into practical...
An Approach to Evolving Legacy Software System into Cloud Computing Environment
Shang Zheng, Feng Chen, Hongji Yang, Jianzhi Li. © 2013. 23 pages.
Cloud computing is a new paradigm for the intent of distributed resources sharing and coordinated problem solution. Affected by the Cloud trend and Service-Oriented need, many...
Software Reuse in the Emerging Cloud Computing Era
Hongji Yang, Xiaodong Liu. © 2012. 270 pages.
With the rapid development of computing hardware, high-speed network, web programming, distributed and parallel computing, and other technologies, cloud computing has recently...
Advances in UML and XML-Based Software Evolution
Hongji Yang. © 2005. 374 pages.
Advances in UML and XML-Based Software Evolution reports recent advances in applications of two popularly used languages, UML and XML, in the field of software evolution. This...
Software Evolution with UML and XML
Hongji Yang. © 2005. 405 pages.
Software Evolution with UML and XML provides a forum where expert insights are presented on the subject of linking three current phenomena: software evolution, UML and XML....
Visualising COBOL Legacy Systems with UML: An Experimental Report
Steve McRobb, Richard Millham, Jianjun Pu, Hongji Yang. © 2005. 48 pages.
This chapter presents a report of an experimental approach that uses WSL as an intermediate language for the visualisation of COBOL legacy systems in UML. Key UML techniques are...
A Unified Software Reengineering Approach towards Model Driven Architecture Environment
Bing Qiao, Hongji Yang, Alan O’Callaghan. © 2005. 46 pages.
When developing a software system, there are a number of principles, paradigms, and tools available to choose from. For a specific platform or programming language, a standard...
Enhancing Software Maintainability by Unifying and Integrating Standards
William C. Chu, Chih-Hung Chang, Chih-Wei Lu, Yeh-Ching Chung, Hongji Yang, Bing Qiao, Hewijin Christine Jiau. © 2003. 37 pages.
Software standards are highly recommended because they promise faster and more efficient ways for software development with proven techniques and standard notations. Designers...