Huimin Lei

Huimin Lei, MD, obtained her degree from Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, China in 2004. She then became a lecturer and academic advisor for medical students at Baotou Health School,China. Since 2008, she became an Assistant Editor for the journal “Interdisciplinary Sciences – Computational Life Sciences” and an office administrator of Prof. Dongqing Wei’s lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She has served on the organizing committees of several international conferences, including “Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry – 2008” (TACC2008) and the annual “International Conference on Computational and Systems Biology” (ICCSB) meeting series.


Limin Angela Liu, Dongqing Wei, Yixue Li, Huimin Lei. © 2011. 11 pages.
This Preface is included in the book Interdisciplinary Research and Applications in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Environmental Sciences.
Handbook of Research on Computational and Systems Biology: Interdisciplinary Applications
Limin Angela Liu, Dongqing Wei, Yixue Li, Huimin Lei. © 2011. 776 pages.
The biological sciences have been among the most exciting and intensely pursued fields of science for the past several decades. The advancement of high-throughput technologies...