Huma Lodhi

Huma Lodhi obtained her Ph.D. in computer science from University of London. She is a researcher with the department of Computing, Imperial College London. She has published in leading international journals, books, conference proceedings and has edited a volume Elements of Computational Systems Biology (Wiley Series in Bioinformatics), (2010) by Huma M Lodhi and Stephen H Muggleton (Editors), Wiley. Her research interests are machine learning and data mining and their application to tasks in bioinformatics, chemoinformatics and computation systems biology.


Chemoinformatics and Advanced Machine Learning Perspectives: Complex Computational Methods and Collaborative Techniques
Huma Lodhi, Yoshihiro Yamanishi. © 2011. 418 pages.
Chemoinformatics is a scientific area that endeavours to study and solve complex chemical problems using computational techniques and methods. Chemoinformatics and...