Håvar Brendryen

Håvar Brendryen received his MS from the Norwegian university of science and technology in 2001. His main fields of study were cognitive psychology and human computer interaction. He received his PhD in health psychology from the University of Oslo in 2009. The topic of his dissertation was eHealth interventions for smoking cessation. In 2010, he was awarded a post-doc grant to investigate online alcohol interventions from The Norwegian center for addiction research, and has been employed as a senior researcher there since 2013. His previous research projects has centered on the evaluation of eHealth interventions that target addiction and/or mental health. The overall goal of Dr Brendryen’s current research is to improve the understanding of the working mechanisms of automated web- and phone-based interventions and how to improve the design of such interventions.


Handbook of Research on Holistic Perspectives in Gamification for Clinical Practice
Daniel Novák, Bengisu Tulu, Håvar Brendryen. © 2016. 636 pages.
Over the past decade, the healthcare industry has adopted games as a powerful tool for promoting personal health and wellness. Utilizing principles of gamification...