Ian Dunwell

Ian Dunwell (BSc, MSc, PhD, ARCS) is currently a Senior Researcher at Coventry University's Serious Games Institute, where he recently led the final evaluation report for the UK Department for Transport's £2.5m Code of Everand, a serious game aimed at encouraging children to put learnt principles of safe crossing into regular practice. He has worked in intersectoral and international contexts across a wide range of European projects, including the FP7-funded ALICE, e-VITA, mEducator, and the Games and Learning Alliance (GaLA) Network of Excellence, as well as the forthcoming €3m MASELTOV project, which seeks to develop new methods of supporting migrant workers through technology. His research interests include integrating web semantics with game-based learning environments, as well as the application of robust evaluation methodologies and methods for effectively feeding back this research into design. Recent collaborations include acting as Director of Studies on PhD studentships addressing topics such as Avatars as Vehicle Interfaces (funded by Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.) and Internet Metadata as Embedded Game Content (joint funded by the UK EPSRC and PlayGen Ltd.), as well as consulting on steering committees for games addressing topics such as childhood obesity, triage response, sexual health, and infection control.


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