Ilona Obršálová

Ilona Obršálova (MSc.,PhD. Institute of Chemical Technology Prague) is an Asoc. Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. Her research work is focused on environmental economics and management; especially environmental damages valuation, environmental efficiency, environmental impacts assessment and sustainable development modeling. She has been engaged in many national (currently ´Sustainable development indicators and modeling of relations among economics, environment and social connections´) and international projects. She is author and co-author of many publications in national and international journals, conference contributions and national and international textbooks.


Environmental Modeling for Sustainable Regional Development: System Approaches and Advanced Methods
Vladimír Olej, Ilona Obršálová, Jirí Krupka. © 2011. 492 pages.
Understanding the advancement of sustainable development is critical to managing human activities to avoid the overexploitation of resources and pollution of the environment...
Modeling the Effects of the Quality of the Environment on the Health of a Selected Population
Pavel Jirava, Ilona Obršálová. © 2011. 22 pages.
This chapter is focused on the modeling and analysis of the relation between environment and health. Many research papers have found links between environment and the health of a...