Italo Romani de Oliveira

Ítalo Romani de Oliveira is Expert Engineer in Atech Tecnologias Críticas, a Brazilian Company of Systems Engineering with great specialization in air transportation and critical systems. He has experience in safety analysis of aeronautical applications, having received his PhD degree from the School of Engineering of the University of São Paulo, and participated as temporary collaborator in the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory NLR, and in the Rolls-Royce University Technological Centre in Systems Engineering at York (UK). He participated of safety analysis projects also in the fields of radar and railway systems. He has been director member of the Brazilian Air Transportation Research Society since 2006.


Computational Models, Software Engineering, and Advanced Technologies in Air Transportation: Next Generation Applications
Li Weigang, Alexandre de Barros, Italo Romani de Oliveira. © 2010. 392 pages.
As the air transportation system's capacity increase has not met the rapid growth in demand, maximizing the utilization of the infrastructure is preferred over expanding it....