Ivelina Zlateva

Ivelina Yordanova Zlateva, is working on projects and research activities in management, engineering and environmental applications. Her past experience includes National Agency for Fisheries and aquaculture – Fishing Vessels Monitoring Center. Her principal subjects covered include: Automation and Control systems. Dr. Zlateva specializes in information control of computerized systems and technologies and her favorite projects include environmental issues, multitasking, engineering practices, fisheries stock management, and risk assessment.


Two-step Procedure Based on the Least Squares and Instrumental Variable Methods for Simultaneous Estimation of von Bertalanffy Growth Parameters
Ivelina Yordanova Zlateva, Nikola Nikolov. © 2019. 33 pages.
Advanced in the present article is a Two-step procedure designed on the methods of the least squares (LS) and instrumental variable (IV) techniques for simultaneous estimation of...
Progressive Engineering Practices in Marine Resource Management
Ivelina Zlateva, Violin Raykov, Nikola Nikolov. © 2015. 455 pages.
There is overwhelming evidence that marine resources are being overexploited throughout the world. In an effort to conserve the natural resources of the world’s oceans, new...
Environmental Management Ecosystem vs. Engineering System Theory Approach Modeling and Analysis: Risk Management System as a Managerial Tool
Ivelina Yordanova Zlateva, Violin Stoyanov Raykov, Nikola Nikolov, Mariela Ivanova Alexandrova. © 2015. 47 pages.
There are clear indications that the potential for improvement of the fisheries management in the Black Sea is more connected to innovative ecosystem preservation approach and...
Fish Stock Indicators as Measure for Sustainability: Black Sea Sprat Case
Violin S. Raykov, Ivelina Zlateva. © 2015. 65 pages.
Particular species may be good indicators of specific environmental factors in their local environment. It was found that one of the main objectives for effective and sustainable...