J. Miguel Baptista Nunes

Dr. Miguel Baptista Nunes, BSc, MSc, PhD, MBCS, FHEA, FIMIS, is a Senior Lecturer in Information Management at the Information School, University of Sheffield. In terms of research, Miguel is actively involved both in Information Systems and Educational Informatics research. He is currently the Head of the Information Systems Research Group in the Department. In terms of Information Systems, he has done research in the areas of information systems modelling, design and development, project management and risk management. In terms of educational informatics, Miguel is particularly interested in social constructivist approaches to curriculum and course design, instructional systems design; and web based learning environments for active and distance learning. He has published more than 150 refereed articles in both academic conferences and academic journals, published a book on action research for e-learning and served as programme chair for a number of International conferences.


A New Generation Gap? Some Thoughts on the Consequences of Early ICT First Contact
Andrew D. Madden, J. Miguel Baptista Nunes, M.A. McPherson, Nigel Ford, David Miller, M. Rico. © 2008. 12 pages.
One possible consequence of information and communication technology’s rapid rise will be a new ‘generation gap’ arising from differing perceptions of the learning technologies....