Jacques Steyn

Jacques Steyn is the Head of School of IT at Monash University's South African campus, and member of ACM, AIS, IEEE, and Director of IDIA. He currently works in the fields of Development Informatics and Music Informatics. Previously he was associate Professor in multimedia at the University of Pretoria. In 1999 he developed a generic XML-based markup language for music (MML). He was also member of the ISO/MPEG-4 extension workgroup for music notation (i.e. symbolic music representation). In the field of Development Informatics he was Editor-in-Chief of a book set on theory and practice. He composed and performed in various genres ranging from blues, rock and jazz to music theatre.


Structuring Music through Markup Language: Designs and Architectures
Jacques Steyn. © 2013. 273 pages.
Although there have been two main perspectives on the nature of music through systematic and cultural musicology, music informatics has emerged as an interdisciplinary research...