Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares

Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares has a degree in Business Administration, Universidade Federal do Ceará [2008]. International Ph.D. in Planning and Management of Tourism, Universidade da Coruña [2015]; Title of Ph.D. Dissertation: “Relationship between tourist image and loyalty built: Analysis of international students in Galicia”, supervised by José Manuel Santos Solla, Anton Alvarez Sousa and José María Suárez Andrade (Cum Laude). Currently an Interim Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing at USC and Professor at the University School of Tourism CENP-UDC. His research interests include Competitiveness of the tourist destination, Tourism’s Impacts on heritage destinations, and Gender studies and Tourism.


Promoting Social and Cultural Equity in the Tourism Sector
Priscila Cembranel, Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares, André Riani Costa Perinotto. © 2022. 302 pages.
People venture into tourist activities to expand their worldviews and experiences, and as such, it is common for them to face realities totally different from those they are used...
Gender Differences Among Brazilians' Perceptions About Safety When Selecting a Destination
Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares, Larissa Paola Macedo Castro Gabriel, Raquel Santiago-Romo, André Riani Costa Perinotto. © 2022. 18 pages.
This research analyses the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Brazilian expectation tourism. A questionnaire survey was used to assess the tourist expectation regarding safety in...
Community-Based Tourism in Ceará's Coastal Space: Innovative Socially Responsible Activities
Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares. © 2021. 14 pages.
This work derives from postdoctoral research funded by Funcap-CAPES in Brazil. It investigates innovation in community-based tourism in coastal spaces. The competitiveness of...
The Attractiveness of Extreme Wind Sports Linked to Social Responsibility: Innovations in Coastline Tourism
Luciano Barbosa Almeida, Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares. © 2021. 19 pages.
The State of Ceará, located in the Brazilian Northeast, has a high tourist potential due to the beauty of its beaches and the great geomorphological differences within the...
Tourism and Quality of Life: Different Perceptions Within the Same Tourist Territory
Francisco Alexandre Araújo Barros, Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares, Priscila Cembranel, Laura Mary Marques Fernandes. © 2021. 12 pages.
This chapter is about residents' perceptions of the social impacts caused by tourism. The objective of the study is to analyze how the impacts of tourism influence the...
Photographic Image, Credibility, and Consumption of Tourism in the Digital Era
André Riani Costa Perinotto, Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares. © 2020. 18 pages.
This chapter seeks to bring the communication field and tourism closer together. In this sense, the authors use photographic images and photography through authors from different...
Academic Tourism: A Segment on the Rise
Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares. © 2019. 15 pages.
This chapter aims to present the academic tourism segment as a rising trend that can improve indicators, both academic and marketing, of tourist destinations. On the one hand...