James Dillard

James L. Dillard, II , Ed.D., is a medically-retired Coast Guard Public Affairs specialist 2nd class. He is currently in a Military Security and Strategic Studies program at the University of Calgary in Canada. He entered academia and discovered that he truly enjoyed not only learning, but helping others learn, as well. His goals moving forward are to try to make the world a better place by helping anyone he can learn everything they wish.


Relational Discourse Connects Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats in Online Course Design: Designing Motivational Collegial Engagement
James Dillard, Caroline M. Crawford. © 2023. 37 pages.
Online learning environments are a vulnerable space, for learners as well as for course instructors. Online environments are frequently pre-designed spaces in which traditional...
Intergenerational Relations That Guide Educational Planning: Perspectives on the University Course Experience
Caroline M. Crawford, Billi L. Bromer, Noran L. Moffett, Sharon K. Andrews, Virginia Dickenson, Janice Moore Newsum, Jennifer K. Young Wallace, James Dillard. © 2023. 40 pages.
The university faculty instructor is a curiously stealth yet dynamic pilar of academia. With the threefold expectations of teaching, research, and service responsibilities, one...
Learning and Leading Within a Multigenerational University Course Experience: Differences, Similarities, Conflicts, and Strengths
Janice Moore Newsum, Jennifer K. Young Wallace, James Dillard, Billi L. Bromer, Sharon K. Andrews, Virginia Dickenson, Noran L. Moffett, Caroline M. Crawford. © 2023. 38 pages.
The university instructor experience around leading a course learning experience that includes multigenerational students with different levels of subject matter knowledge and...