Jamil Chaabouni

Jamil Chaabouni is Professor in Management studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax in Tunisia. He received a Ph.D. degree in management science, in 1980, from the University Philipp of Marburg / Federal Republic of Germany. Dr. Chaabouni leads a Research Unit on Management studies. His research interests include governance, strategy and organisational structure, organizational change and information management. He is author or co-author of over 40 scientific publications and study reports. He served as vice dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax and as director of studies. He leads several cooperative research projects with the universities of Toulouse, Marseille in France and Technical University Berlin. He performed consultancy work and expertise with, among others, the National Center for Informatics, the IGL group, the SITEC El KHOUTAF group, the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies, the National Council of Statistics, the Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.


Criteria for Assessing the Success of E-Government Projects
Fatma Bouaziz, Jamil Chaabouni. © 2013. 16 pages.
In this chapter, the authors examine the criteria to use in assessing the success of e-government projects. Through an empirical enquiry based on case studies of e-government...
A Framework to Analyze the Alignment of E-Government Projects
Fatma Bouaziz, Jamil Chaabouni. © 2012. 16 pages.
Alignment is perceived as a key factor for profiting from the implementation of information system and technology (IS/IT). However, studies in the domain of e-government and...