Jean-Marie Châtelet

Jean-Marie Châtelet (Professor) worked in a Research Centre (Metallurgy) before being certified professor in the Mechanical field. Retired in 2014, he maintains his interest in Quality and Safety as an adviser. He is a trainer with more than 35 years’ experience in France, Romania, Spain and Germany. He wrote about quality management, delivering a curriculum on safety, CAD-CAM, robotics (in 1982, involved in Computer Aided Teaching he published a laser vision disc edited by the Industry Ministry, 1988). He was head of the Mechanical Engineering Department of IUT of Lille from 1996 to 2002. Since 1995, he has been involved in leadership of a Master (Health-Safety-Quality-Environment) at the University of Lille 1 and in the Production Department of Polytech'Lille (leading to Chartered Engineer). He further developed a serious game ©JIT-TQ with SNECMA (Safran) in 1998. For many years, he was involved in European projects (Road Map to EU Machinery Directive, 2002; European WBL Approaches, 2006).


Handbook of Research on Operational Quality Assurance in Higher Education for Life-Long Learning
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2020. 406 pages.
Previously, key levers of higher education have seemed to be the learning organization, work-integrated learning for life-long learning, and learner-centered pedagogy. However...
Key Processes for the Performance of Work-Integrated Learning in HE: Focusing on Talents With a Winning-Foursome
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2020. 32 pages.
In a changing business market due to state regulation, funding reductions, and generation evolution, HE providers target a high level of operational learning performance. Work...
Educational Serious Games Enhance Social Intelligence Through Collective Action: Issue of Digital Transition Might Change Paradigms
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2020. 31 pages.
Pedagogical serious games sound like up-to-date pedagogical devices for learning efficiency. But the challenge of higher performance in HE lies in tailored pedagogical devices...
Improving Higher Education Efficiency with Vocational Training Based on Alternation
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2017. 37 pages.
This chapter describes the main levers to develop an efficient vocational training offer in the context of a strategic displayed willingness for continuous improvement and...
Handbook of Research on Quality Assurance and Value Management in Higher Education
Walter Nuninger, Jean-Marie Châtelet. © 2016. 458 pages.
The management of quality and sustainability in higher education institutions ensures that proper standards are maintained. Such enforced standardization allows for the highest...