Jean-Éric Pelet

Jean-Eric Pelet holds a PhD in Marketing, an MBA in Information Systems and a BA (Hns) in Advertising. As an assistant professor in management, he works on problems concerning consumer behaviour when using a website or other information system (e-learning, knowledge management, e-commerce platforms), and how the interface can change that behavior. His main interest lies in the variables that enhance navigation in order to help people to be more efficient with these systems. He works as a visiting professor both in France and abroad (England, Switzerland) teaching e-marketing, ergonomics, usability, and consumer behaviour at Design Schools (Nantes), Business Schools (Paris, Reims), and Universities (Paris Dauphine – Nantes). Dr. Pelet has also actively participated in a number of European Community and National research projects. His current research interests focus on, social networks, interface design, and usability.


Mobile Platforms, Design, and Apps for Social Commerce
Jean-Éric Pelet. © 2017. 411 pages.
While social interactions were once a personal endeavor, more contact is now done virtually. Mobile technologies are an ever-expanding area of research which can benefit users on...
MOOCs on Mobiles: Curating the Web and Using Social Media to Enhance E-Learning
Jean-Éric Pelet, Marlene A. Pratt, Stéphane Fauvy. © 2017. 26 pages.
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have gained popularity for e-learning purposes. Effectiveness of a MOOC depends on the platform interface design and management, which should...
The Effect of Cultural Values in Mobile Payment Preference
Jashim Khan, Jean-Éric Pelet, Gary James Rivers, Na Zuo. © 2017. 16 pages.
The purpose of this study is to compare French and New Zealand consumers' perceptions of mobile payments (m-payments) relative to other options to identify the preferred mode...