Jenifer Crawford

Jenifer Crawford is a Professor of Clinical Education in the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. Crawford earned her Ph.D. in Urban Schooling from UCLA specializing in teachers’ leadership and advocacy in public schools in collaboration with linguistically and racially minoritized communities. A former teacher in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil, she currently prepares multilingual teachers for diverse learners and contexts. Her research interests include critical praxis in language education rooted in critical pedagogy, an understanding of racial discourses, leveraging parent and community involvement, and integrating technology.


Protocols and Tools for Equitable Dual Language Teaching
Esther Gross, Jenifer Crawford. © 2024. 300 pages.
There is a dire need for readily reproducible research-based practices bridging the gap between critical scholarship and equitable teaching in language studies. Protocols and...
TESOL Guide for Critical Praxis in Teaching, Inquiry, and Advocacy
Jenifer Crawford, Robert A. Filback. © 2022. 547 pages.
The field of TESOL encompasses English teachers who teach English as an additional language in English-dominant countries and those teachers who teach English as a foreign...
Cases on Academic Program Redesign for Greater Racial and Social Justice
Ebony Cain-Sanschagrin, Robert A. Filback, Jenifer Crawford. © 2022. 361 pages.
Faculty and students confront persistent racial, economic, and social inequities in higher education locally, nationally, and globally. To counter these inequities, there has...
Integrating Language Skills, Practices, and Content in Equitable TESOL Lesson Planning
Esther S. Gross, Jenifer A. Crawford. © 2022. 22 pages.
Teachers and students in TESOL confront persistent racial, linguistic, economic, and social inequities in English language education. Many universities are striving to enact...
Building Racial Justice Into a Master's Program: Lessons From a Five-Year Equity-Mindedness Initiative
Jenifer Crawford, Ebony C. Cain, Erica Hamilton. © 2022. 27 pages.
This chapter describes a five-year equity initiative to transform a language teacher education professional master's program into one that cultivates racial justice and...
Implementing a Critical Community of Practice Within a University-Based Teacher Induction Program
Erica Hamilton, Ebony Cain-Sanschagrin, Jenifer Crawford. © 2022. 25 pages.
This chapter describes the initial stage of implementing a critical community of practice within a university-based teacher induction program in Southern California. This case...
Increasing Participation of International Students in the Higher Education Classrooms Through Technology-Enhanced Instruction
Hyunsil Park, Robert A. Filback, Jenifer Crawford. © 2020. 21 pages.
This research-based chapter explores East Asian international graduate students' challenges in the U.S. higher education environment and identifies how technology-enhanced...