Joachim Wedekind

Joachim Wedekind is a senior researcher at the Knowledge Media Research Center (KMRC) in Tuebingen, Germany. At present he is working on concepts and the implementation of complex information systems (i.e. Results of his previous work are the subject of specific publications, the design and organisation of projects, as well as the development of numerous computer-based learning environments (some of them award-winning). His research interests are focused on the conceptualization and evaluation of complex hypermedia learning environments. He started his academic work-after studies in biology (diploma 1974) and pedagogy (doctorate 1981)-as a senior researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Science Education (Kiel), the Institute for Pedagogy at the University of Tuebingen and at the Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung (Sankt Augustin). From 1985 to 2000 he worked at the German Institute of Research for Distance Education (DIFF), first as acting manager of the Media Research Department, later as the manager of the Competence Center for Multimedia and Telematics.


Investigations of E-Learning Patterns: Context Factors, Problems and Solutions
Christian Kohls, Joachim Wedekind. © 2011. 344 pages.
Design patterns have become popular in the domains of architecture, software design, human computer interaction, Web 2.0, organizational structures, and pedagogy as a way to...
Perspectives on Patterns
Christian Kohls, Joachim Wedekind. © 2011. 18 pages.
Patterns are systematic approaches to documenting and classifying recurrent problems and their solutions. Patterns are usually based on empirical observations of good practices....
Patterns and Instructional Methods: A Practitioner’s Approach
Joachim Wedekind. © 2011. 11 pages.
Looking for these differences helps to identify the advantages of the pattern approach and this chapter intends to show that it is not only old wine in new bottles. Importantly...