Joe Essid

Joe Essid directs the Writing Center at the University of Richmond, where he teaches courses in writing pedagogy, literature, and cyberculture. He is a Richmond native who did his undergraduate work at the University of Virginia, then earned a Master's and Ph.D. at Indiana University. His research interests include technology in the writing-intensive classroom, virtual worlds and their development, and the history of technology. His academic writing has appeared in Computers and Humanities, The Writing Lab Newsletter, and anthologies about technology and writing. He freelances as a science-fiction writer, with recent work in the anthology Catastrophia and forthcoming in Hagerty Magazine. He writes op-ed pieces about energy, localism, homesteading, transportation, and education for Style Weekly, Eighty One, and RVA. When not being an academic, he can be found keeping bees and learning the trade of an organic farmer.


Identity and Leadership in Virtual Communities: Establishing Credibility and Influence
Dona J. Hickey, Joe Essid. © 2014. 321 pages.
The presence and ubiquity of the internet continues to transform the way in which we identify ourselves and others both online and offline. The development of virtual communities...
Internet Past Tense: Trolls, Sock-Puppets, and Good Joes in the Sandbox Newsgroup
Joe Essid. © 2014. 18 pages.
From the time of privately hosted computer bulletin boards to the rise of social networking, USENET hosted a broad array of newsgroups that hobbyists enjoyed. At The Sandbox...
Playing in a New Key, in a New World: Virtual Worlds, Millennial Writers, and 3D Composition
Joe Essid. © 2011. 16 pages.
In the author’s courses, students have been augmentationist, not immersionist, in their approaches to using technology. In a virtual world, however, they are born with new skins...