John J. Regazzi

John Regazzi has spent over 40 years in the in electronic information services and IT industries. Called a "pioneer" and "true innovator" of the information industry, he has designed, launched, and managed some of the most innovative and well-known information services in the professional communities including the Engineering Village, Science Direct, Scirus, Scopus, and many other electronic information services dating back to the early days of the online and CDROM industries. John spent most of his career with Reed Elsevier, and retired as CEO of Elsevier Inc. Prior to that he was CEO of Engineering Information Inc., a company he helped turnaround and which was acquired by Reed Elsevier. In 2005 John assumed the role of Dean of the College of Information and Computer Science of Long Island University (LIU), and recently stepped down from this post and now lectures and directs the Scholarly Communications and Information Innovation Lab at LIU.


The Shifting Sands of the Information Industry
John J. Regazzi. © 2018. 23 pages.
This chapter examines the shift from the industrial age to the current “information age” by looking closely at the history of the electronic information industry since the 1970s...
Infonomics and the Business of Free: Modern Value Creation for Information Services
John J. Regazzi. © 2014. 198 pages.
The term infonomics has been coined to convey the underlying value of information in terms of its production, market demand, and economic impact. All consumers have come to...
John J. Regazzi. © 2012. 3 pages.
This Foreword is included in the book Systems Science and Collaborative Information Systems: Theories, Practices and New Research.
Trends in the Higher Education E-Learning Markets
John J. Regazzi, Nicole Caliguiri. © 2009. 7 pages.
This article describes research undertaken at the Scholarly Communications Lab of the College of Information and Computer Science at Long Island University in the area of higher...