John Stillwell

John Stillwell is Professor of Migration and Regional Development in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds and is Director of CIDER. He is also the national Coordinator of the ESRC’s Understanding Population Trends and Processes (UPTAP) programme (2005-09), overseeing a wide range of demographic projects by researchers in different disciplines across the UK. His primary research interest has always been migration, in particular the analysis and modelling of flows of internal migration in the UK, with a series of publications in leading journals and edited books including Contemporary Research in Population Geography (1989), Migration Models: Macro and Micro Approaches (1990), Migration Processes and Patterns Volume 2: Population Redistribution in the United Kingdom (1992), Population Migration in the European Union (1996). He has also co-edited several books on the use of GIS in planning, most recently Planning Support Systems: Best Practice and New Methods (2009) and he is co-editor of the journal Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy (ASAP).


Temporal and Spatial Consistency
Oliver Duke-Williams, John Stillwell. © 2013. 22 pages.
One of the major problems challenging time series research based on stock and flow data is the inconsistency that occurs over time due to changes in variable definition, data...
Technologies for Migration and Commuting Analysis: Spatial Interaction Data Applications
John Stillwell, Oliver Duke-Williams, Adam Dennett. © 2010. 382 pages.
Internal migration serves as one of the key contributing factors to population change involving not only change in the numbers of people, but also a change in composition and...