José Luis Blanco Claraco

Dr. José Luis Blanco Claraco is a Lecturer in the University of Málaga (Spain), where he has taught in graduate courses on mechatronics and material science. He obtained a PhD on mobile robotics from the same university in 2009. His research interests include estimation theory, mobile robot navigation, large-scale map building and computer vision. Since 2005 he has participated in several national and European research projects, as well as research collaborations with private companies. As a result, he has published more than 40 scientific papers and is co-inventor of three patents and one utility model. He is also an active supporter of Open Source initiatives, having participated in more than 10 software projects, most remarkably in the Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT), which he started in 2005 and still actively maintains at present. Among his non-academic interests, he collaborates in popular science blogs aimed at the Spanish speaking community.


Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robots: Introduction and Methods
Juan-Antonio Fernández-Madrigal, José Luis Blanco Claraco. © 2013. 499 pages.
As mobile robots become more common in general knowledge and practices, as opposed to simply in research labs, there is an increased need for the introduction and methods to...