Joseph B. Walther

Joseph B. Walther is a professor in the Department of Communication and the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media at Michigan State University. Dr. Walther is one of the foremost authors on computer-mediated communication. His research explores how the Internet impacts the ways we coordinate and relate to one another. His theories and findings examine the development of relationships online, how computer networks alter routines and requirements for successful collaboration, and how virtual teammates blame each other for their own misuses of time and technology. He has been the chair of the Organizational Communication and Information Systems division of the Academy of Management, and the Communication and Technology division of the International Communication Association.


Joseph B. Walther. © 2007. 3 pages.
This Foreword is included in the book Handbook of Research on Electronic Surveys and Measurements.
Perceived Behaviors of Emergent and Assigned Leaders in Virtual Groups
Kathryn R. Wickham, Joseph B. Walther. © 2007. 17 pages.
While considerable research has explored perceptions of groups and members in computer-mediated communication (CMC), and leadership behaviors in face-to-face groups, little...