Joseph C. Kush

Joseph C. Kush, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program in Instructional Technology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. His research interests include over 40 publications and 70 presentations on topics related to test bias and test fairness for children from minority backgrounds, with a current focus on technological tools that will assist in reducing test bias. He is also strongly committed to issues of social justice. He received his Ph.D. from Arizona State University.


The Role of Computational Thinking in the Preparation of Pre-Service Teachers
Bekir Mugayitoglu, Joseph C. Kush. © 2017. 16 pages.
This chapter focuses on the ways computational thinking can be integrated into the curricula of educational institutions. Readers will gain knowledge of computational thinking as...
The Infusion of Technology into Teacher Education Programs
Anne S. Koch, Joseph C. Kush. © 2014. 49 pages.
In this chapter, student achievement, the differentiation of instruction, and 21st Century Skills are examined along with their relationship to the use of technology in an...
Technology Integration into Pre-service Teacher Training
Anne Koch, Misook Heo, Joseph C. Kush. © 2012. 14 pages.
This study evaluated the perceptions of pre-service teachers in their ability to integrate technology into a learning environment based on coursework and student teaching...
Technology Implementation and Teacher Education: Reflective Models
Junko Yamamoto, Joseph C. Kush, Ron Lombard, C. Jay Hertzog. © 2010. 506 pages.
Today’s students are faced with the challenge of utilizing technology to support not only their personal lives, but also their academic careers. Technology Implementation and...