Ju Hyun Lee

Ju Hyun Lee is a Scientia Fellow and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Sydney. He has published 70+ research publications and made significant contributions towards research in design computing and cognition. His international reputation has been recognised by being invited to be a reviewer/editorial board/committee member for international journals and conferences; international reviewer for grants. Ju Hyun was invited to become a visiting academic at the University of Newcastle in 2011, where he as a senior lecturer completed five-year post-doctoral studies in Architecture. He was Senior Research Fellow at the University of South Australia in 2018.


Grammatical and Syntactical Approaches in Architecture: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Ju Hyun Lee, Michael J. Ostwald. © 2020. 351 pages.
Shape grammar and space syntax have been separately developed but rarely combined in any significant way. The first of these is typically used to investigate or generate the...
Cognitive Challenges for Teamwork in Design
Ju Hyun Lee, Michael J. Ostwald, Ning Gu. © 2017. 21 pages.
This chapter combines experimental data and established design theory to examine four issues associated with design cognition that contribute to an improved understanding of...