Juan Walker

Juan Walker served at Augusta University as the Secondary Program Coordinator for close to 9 years. From a research perspective, Walker has over 11 publications and a strong track record in regards to addressing aspects associated with addressing social justice in a social studies classroom setting. Based on primary source usage, Walker has started working the Richmond County, the Literacy Center, and the Lucy Craft Laney Museum. Walker’s research requires collective community action and participation. When the opportunity presents itself, Walker introduced people in the community that have similar interest or referred faculty to individuals that would benefit from their research expertise.


Thriving in the Community: The Creation and Sustainment of a Community-Driven Literacy Center
Nicole R. Peritore, Elizabeth A. VanDeusen, Kim Barker, Juan Walker, Jessica Simpson. © 2023. 21 pages.
Cross-sector, interprofessional partnerships and community collaborations offer promise for identifying and addressing the web-like factors that entangle both literacy...