Julie Prescott

Julie Prescott (CPsychol, PhD, MA, BSc) is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bolton. Julie gained her PhD from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at The University of Liverpool, UK, in 2011. Julie has a research career spanning over ten years in academic and public sector environments. Julie’s background is in psychology and women’s studies; she has a particular interest in women’s careers, especially in terms of barriers and drivers, occupational segregation, and the experiences of women working in male dominated occupations/industries, in particular the computer games industry. Julie has published one book entitled Gendered Occupational Differences in Science, Engineering, and Technology Careers (co-authored with Jan Bogg).


Students as Co-Creators of a Mobile App to Enhance Learning and Teaching in HE
Julie Prescott, Pippa Iliff, Daniel J. T. Edmondson, Duncan Cross. © 2019. 21 pages.
This chapter considers how technology can enhance teaching and learning through technology within the higher education setting. The chapter considers findings and draws...
Julie Prescott. © 2016. 10 pages.
This Preface is included in the book Handbook of Research on Race, Gender, and the Fight for Equality.
Gender Divide and the Computer Game Industry
Julie Prescott, Jan Bogg. © 2014. 321 pages.
While women maintain an increased visibility in the games culture, the issues involving gender in computing gaming is still relevant; and it is evident that the industry could...
Gender Considerations and Influence in the Digital Media and Gaming Industry
Julie Prescott, Julie Elizabeth McGurren. © 2014. 357 pages.
Occupational segregation is an important issue and can be detrimental to women. There is a strong need for more women in science, engineering, and information technology, which...
Gendered Occupational Differences in Science, Engineering, and Technology Careers
Julie Prescott, Jan Bogg. © 2013. 315 pages.
Gender segregation is an issue that still exists in today’s society. With the dominance of men in the science, engineering, and technology sectors, there is still a question of...
The Computer Games Industry: Women’s Experiences of Work Role in a Male Dominated Environment
Julie Prescott, Jan Bogg. © 2010. 21 pages.
This chapter focuses on the current position and experiences of women working within the computer games industry, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector and...