Junaid Ahmed Zubairi

Junaid Ahmed Zubairi is currently an Associate Professor at Department of Computer and Information Sciences in the State University of New York at Fredonia, USA. Dr. Zubairi received his BE (Electrical Engineering) from NED University of Engineering, Pakistan and MS and Ph.D. (Computer Engineering) from Syracuse University, USA. He worked in Sir Syed University Pakistan and Intl' Islamic University Malaysia before joining State University of New York at Fredonia. Dr. Zubairi is a recipient of many awards including Malaysian Government IRPA award, National Science Foundation MACS grant, SUNY Scholarly Incentive award, and SUNY individual development award. He has authored several chapters and scholarly articles in books, international journals, and conference proceedings. His research interests include information security, network traffic engineering, performance evaluation of networks, and network applications in medicine.


Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial Applications: Systems and Methodologies
Junaid Ahmed Zubairi, Athar Mahboob. © 2012. 336 pages.
Cyber security, encompassing both information and network security, is of utmost importance in today’s information age. Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial...
Emergency Medical Data Transmission Systems and Techniques
Junaid Ahmed Zubairi, Syed Misbahuddin, Imran Tasadduq. © 2010. 20 pages.
Patients in critical condition need Physician’s supervision while they are in transit to the hospital. If the ambulance is linked to the emergency room, the physician can monitor...