Katerina Mavrou

Katerina Mavrou is an Assistant Professor in Inclusive Education and Assistive Technology at the European University Cyprus. She holds a PhD in the area of Technology and Inclusive Education (University of Birmingham, UK, 2007), an M.Ed in Special Needs and Development (University of Manchester, UK, 1999), and a B.Ed in Primary Education (University of Cyprus, 1998), as well as a professional certificate in Assistive Technology (AT) (California State University, Northridge, 2006). She worked as a special primary education teacher and as an AT Coordinator at the Ministry of Education and Culture. Her research interests focus on design of inclusive learning environments, accessibility and the implementation of new technologies, ICT and in education. She is involved in various European and other projects on AT, disability and inclusion. Her research work has been published in scholarly international journals and edited volumes.


Technology Adoption in Higher Education: A Cross-National Study of University Faculty Perceptions, Attitudes, and Practices
Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Katerina Mavrou, Piedade Vaz-Rebelo, Silvio Santos, Pekka Tenhonen, Mona Riska, Maria Sundstrom, Lehti Pilt. © 2017. 23 pages.
This chapter presents the results of a study on faculty perceptions and practices regarding the use of videos and other technological tools in higher education. The research was...
Integrating Touch-Enabled and Mobile Devices into Contemporary Mathematics Education
Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Katerina Mavrou, Efi Paparistodemou. © 2015. 341 pages.
Despite increased interest in mobile devices as learning tools, the amount of available primary research studies on their integration into mathematics teaching and learning is...
Flying a Math Class?: Using Web-Based Simulations in Primary Teacher Training and Education
Katerina Mavrou, Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris. © 2014. 27 pages.
This chapter presents a pilot exploratory case study that seeks to bridge the classic gap between teacher preparation and practice by exploiting the affordances offered by...