Kevin Burgess

Kevin Burgess has both private and public sector experience which he acquired prior to joining academe in 2009. In industry he has held a range of senior management and executive roles in asset intensive industries, particularly Telcos and Railways. In his year in industry he acted in the role of Group General Manager, Shared Services, for Queensland Rail where he was responsible for 985 staff spread across eight divisions and an operating budget of A$600 million. In his current role of Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Defence Acquisition, Cranfield University, his interests are in applied research and in particular how to improve the socio-technical systems associated required to support the through-life capability of large, expensive assets.


Emerging Strategies in Defense Acquisitions and Military Procurement
Kevin Burgess, Peter Antill. © 2017. 351 pages.
Military and defense organizations are a vital component to any nation. In order to maintain the standards of these sectors, new procedures and practices must be implemented....
Defence Acquisition: A Practice in Need of Better Theorizing
Kevin Burgess. © 2017. 21 pages.
The speed of reforms within defence acquisition (DA) over the past forty years has greatly outstripped theoretical understanding. This development is of considerable concern...
Feral Information Systems Development: Managerial Implications
Donald Vance Kerr, Kevin Burgess, Luke Houghton. © 2014. 303 pages.
Management invests in large information systems in order to improve the effectiveness of their organization. However, when these systems fail to meet the needs of organizational...
Feral Systems in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: The Case to Review Meta-Theoretical Assumptions
Kevin Burgess. © 2014. 24 pages.
In order to gain deeper insights into the causal factors associated with feral systems, it is necessary to first understand how the underlying, and often unchallenged...