Khaled Tamzini

Khaled Tamzini received his Master’s degree in Management sciences and his Post-graduate diploma in Human Resource Management from the High Institute of Management of Tunis (1997-1999). He received his PhD degree with honors from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and management Sciences of Tunis in 2014. He founded and directed during 5 years (2006-2011) a recruitment agency. He justifies an experience of over 10 years (since 2001) as a senior trainer for the account of several national companies in the field of Human Resources Management. Dr. Tamzini is actually an Assistant professor of Strategic Human Resource Management at the IHCS of Sousse (Tunisia) where he teaches Human Resource management and Strategic management. He is a member of the Research laboratory "LARIME" and panel member of the International Association of Strategic Management (France). He is a reviewer for several international scientific meeting as the Academy of Management Meeting, the Academy of International Business, the European Academy of Management Conference. His research interests include the Resource-Based View, Knowledge Management, Talent management, Employer branding, Human resource marketing, Human Capital, Sustained Competitive Advantage and Strategic Human Resource Management.


Understanding the Relationship Between Religion and Entrepreneurship
Khaled Tamzini, Anis Ben Salem. © 2020. 298 pages.
In recent years, a number of scholars trained in the area of economics have begun to pay attention to a fascinating and increasingly important question: Does the...
Analyzing Workplace Arrogance and Organizational Effectiveness: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Khaled Tamzini, Tahar Lazhar Ayed. © 2018. 194 pages.
Arrogance plays a problematic role in organizations, and it is a unique and difficult challenge to address. Taking proper steps towards recognizing and measuring the effect of...
Driving Multinational Enterprises Through Effective Global Talent Management
Khaled Tamzini, Tahar Lazhar Ayed, Aisha Wood Boulanouar, Zakaria Boulanouar. © 2017. 191 pages.
Managing organizational talent, of both current employees and possible recruits alike, is a key factor of running a successful business. A company is only as good as the staff...
Taxonomy of Talent Management
Tahar Lazhar Ayed, Khaled Tamzini, Raef Abdennadher, Fadoua Hamdeni. © 2017. 18 pages.
This chapter encompasses the concepts, description, identification, nomenclature, and classification related to the talent management in order to generate a deep conceptual...
Talent Management in Multinational Companies in Tunisia: Assessment and Prospects
Khaled Tamzini, Tahar Lazhar Ayed. © 2017. 18 pages.
This study aims to take stock of the practices and draw up the prospects for a relatively new approach in which companies begin to measure efficiency. This approach is none other...