Konstantinos M. Siassiakos

Konstantinos Siassiakos holds a diploma (1995) of Electrical and Computer Engineer from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Studies, University of Patras, Greece, and a Ph.D. (2001) diploma from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Dr. K. Siassiakos currently works as visiting lecturer at the Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida, at the University of Piraeus in Greece and Hellenic Naval Academy. Also He currently works as Special Scientific Staff at the Civil Service Staffing Council (ASEP). He has worked as an IT consultant at Ministry of Development (General Secretariat of Industry), Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs (General Secretariat for Adult Education), Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and as a researcher at the Department of Technology Education & Digital Systems, University of Piraeus. His research interests include logistics management, electronic customer relationship management systems, applied cryptography, management information systems, web-based learning systems, educational technologies, human computer interaction, quality assurance, business process reengineering, and e-government technologies.


Athina A. Lazakidou, Konstantinos M. Siassiakos, Konstantinos Ioannou. © 2011.
This Preface is included in the book Wireless Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living and Healthcare: Systems and Applications.
Securing and Prioritizing Health Information in TETRA Networks
Konstantinos M. Siassiakos, Athina A. Lazakidou. © 2011. 12 pages.
Cost reduction pressures and the need for shortened in-patient stays are promoting the use of wireless patient monitoring systems in hospitals. Their contribution to better...
Utilization of TETRA Networks for Health Information Transfer
Konstantinos M. Siassiakos, Konstantinos Ioannou, Athina A. Lazakidou. © 2011. 9 pages.
Rapid advances in information technology and wireless communications are leading to the emergence of a new type of information infrastructure that has the potential of supporting...
The user Agent Architecture and E-Learning in Healthcare and Social Care
Konstantinos M. Siassiakos, Stefanos E. Papastefanatos, Athina A. Lazakidou. © 2006. 7 pages.
E-learning is developing rapidly worldwide. The volume of the information that e-learning systems render grows, too. Nowadays, the critical issue is to acquire more knowledge...