Kristen N. Sobba

Kristen Sobba is an Associate Professor and the Criminal Justice Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology at Southeast Missouri State University. Her research interests include bullying and cyberbullying, juvenile delinquency, and victimology.


Cyberbullies and Cyberpunks, Oh My: Examining Cyberbullying Through a Domestic and International Lens
Songyon Shin, Joshua T. Shadwick, Kristen N. Sobba, Monica Bixby Radu. © 2023. 24 pages.
For decades, cyberbullying has been acknowledged as a social phenomenon that poses adverse effects on victims. Scholarship generally defines cyberbullying as repeated behaviors...
Bullying Victimization Among Disabled Students: A Review of Victimization, Perpetration, and Prevention
Kristen N. Sobba, Songyon Shin, Monica Bixby Radu, Joshua T. Shadwick. © 2023. 23 pages.
Bullying victimization has caused devastating effects, from physical and mental health issues to suicides and school shootings. There is a plethora of research on this topic;...
Building Stronger Connections Among Students, Families, and Schools to Promote School Safety
Monica Bixby Radu, Kristen N. Sobba, Sarah A. Kuborn, Brenda Prochaska. © 2022. 14 pages.
Safe schools help promote positive social, academic, and educational outcomes. Research consistently suggests that students tend to be most successful in schools where they feel...