Kumar Shalender

Kumar Shalender is a Post-Doctoral Fellow of the Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management and a Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Management. He has more than 14-year experience in the domain of Business Policy, Strategic Management, and Business Model Development and a total of 70 Publications including presentations at international/national conferences and book chapters to his credit. His current research areas include the field of Metaverse, Blockchain Technology, and Sustainable Development with a special focus on sustainable cities and mobility ecosystems in India.


Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector with AI
Babita Singla, Kumar Shalender, Katja Stamer. © 2024. 470 pages.
The healthcare sector is at a critical juncture, facing the pressing need to integrate generative AI technologies responsibly. Despite the promising benefits, such as improved...
Creator Economy in Metaverse Space: Use Cases, Adoption Challenges, and Integration Roadmap
Kumar Shalender, Babita Singla. © 2024. 11 pages.
The creator economy is quickly spreading its influence across the industrial sectors thanks to the evolution of the metaverse platforms. This research specifically investigates...
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Use Cases, Adoption Framework, and Roadmap Ahead
Kumar Shalender, Rajesh Kumar Yadav. © 2024. 9 pages.
The research aims to analyse the growth potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the help of their use cases across the industrial sectors. With the help of real-world...
Augmenting Reality (AR) and Its Use Cases: Exploring the Game Changing Potential of Technology
Kumar Shalender, Babita Singla. © 2024. 10 pages.
Augmented reality (AR) is fast finding favour among stakeholders across industrial sectors, and this research aims to explore the potential of the technology through its use...
Monika Gupta, Kumar Shalender, Babita Singla, Nripendra Singh. © 2023. 6 pages.
This Preface is included in the book Applications of Neuromarketing in the Metaverse.
Understanding the Logic and Science Behind the Emerging Field of Neuromarketing
Kumar Shalender, Babita Singla, SANDHIR SHARMA. © 2023. 8 pages.
The term “consumer behaviour” represents an important concept in the discipline of marketing management. In fact, it's one of the most researched aspects of the discipline...
Shift in Marketing Trends in the Current Competitive Scenario
Babita Singla, Kumar Shalender, SANDHIR SHARMA. © 2023. 7 pages.
Marketing, the lifeline of businesses, truly gives zest to the corporate and makes a striking difference to the brand and its equity. The ethos of marketing keeps changing with...
Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Brand Loyalty Drivers Among E-Consumers
Babita Singla, Kumar Shalender, SANDHIR SHARMA. © 2023. 8 pages.
Due to its convenience and time-saving features, as well as the fact that companies provide significant discounts on products compared to brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping...
Disciplined Innovation Conceptual Framework and Adoption Roadmap
Kumar Shalender, Naman Sharma. © 2023. 6 pages.
The role, importance, and significance of innovation can't be overemphasized in this day and age. While innovators would like to work beyond constraints, the enhanced...
E-Waste Management Transition Towards Circular Economy
Kumar Shalender, Babita Singla, SANDHIR SHARMA. © 2023. 6 pages.
Electronic waste is one of the most challenging problems faced by the globe today. In order to solve it in an efficient and effective manner, this chapter highlights the role of...
Blockchain Adoption in the Financial Sector: Challenges, Solutions, and Implementation Framework
Kumar Shalender, Babita Singla, Sandhir Sharma. © 2023. 9 pages.
Blockchain technology can be easily considered one of the most revolutionary innovations of our times. The open ledger has proved enormously beneficial for the financial sector...
Consumers' Preferences Towards Digital Payments While Online and Offline Shopping Post COVID-19
Babita Singla, Kumar Shalender, Sandhir Sharma. © 2023. 10 pages.
The purpose of this study is to assess customer preferences in the digital era from online payments while shopping from omni channel retail. This study used demographic and...