Laurence Saglietto

Laurence Saglietto is a Professor in Strategic Management at the University Côte d'Azur, France, and a Member of GREDEG 7321 UMR CNRS. Her research interests are in 4PL, Network organisation and Supply Chain Management. She manages the "International Network: on New Party Logistics".


Global Intermediation and Logistics Service Providers
Laurence Saglietto, Cécile Cezanne. © 2017. 412 pages.
As modern organizations become more globalized and diverse, they require additional assistance to maintain effective workflows. With the support of intermediary...
Intermediary and Intermediation: Which Logistics Services?
Laurence Saglietto. © 2017. 18 pages.
The concept of intermediation has existed for a long time and taken numerous different forms. In this introductory chapter, we will therefore start by examining...
Taking Logistics Service Providers into Account in Industrial Classifications
Laurence Saglietto. © 2013. 12 pages.
This expansion of logistics beyond the boundaries of the firm is illustrated by innovative new practices between firms, suppliers, retailers, and service...