Lee Allen

Lee Allen is an Associate Professor of Instructional Design and Technology and Information Science at the University of Memphis. Dr. Allen has previously served as an Assistant Superintendent for technology services in the Dallas, TX public school district, and as a teacher, school librarian, technology trainer, and director of instructional technology in Santa Fe, NM. Dr. Allen's primary research interests are technology as a vehicle for organizational/institutional change, online teaching and learning, electronic portfolio development, and situated learning in communities of practice. He is a Fulbright scholar, recently returned from the Ukraine.


The Influence of Information and Communication Technologies on Societies and their Cultures: A Historical Perspective
Lee Allen. © 2015. 26 pages.
In this chapter, the various ways technologies have exerted influence upon cultures and societies since the dawn of human existence is examined. Be it man-made fire, sharpened...
Technology and Young Children: Bridging the Communication-Generation Gap
Sally Blake, Denise L. Winsor, Lee Allen. © 2012. 326 pages.
Teachers of young children are the technology gatekeepers in childcare programs. They are vital to the appropriate use of technology, yet little is documented concerning training...
Child Development and the Use of Technology: Perspectives, Applications and Experiences
Sally Blake, Denise L. Winsor, Lee Allen. © 2012. 401 pages.
Children experience technology in both formal and informal settings as they grow and develop. Despite research indicating the benefits of technology in early childhood education...
iPods, Internet and Apps, Oh My: Age Appropriate Technology in Early Childhood Educational Environments
Sally Blake, Denise L. Winsor, Candice Burkett, Lee Allen. © 2012. 20 pages.
This chapter explores perceptions about technology and young children and includes results of a survey answered by Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) and Early Childhood...
Applications of Technology for Instruction and Assessment with Young Children
Lee Allen, Sally Blake. © 2010. 18 pages.
This chapter discusses the roles of technology in instruction and assessment of young children. The influx of technology in schools and homes has been rapid and wide spread. Most...