Leif Edvinsson

Leif Edvinsson is a key pioneering contributor to both the theory and practice of Intellectual Capital. As the world’s first director of IC in 1991 he initiated the creation of the world's first public corporate Intellectual Capital Annual Report 1994, and inspired the development ever since on IC metrics. He was parallel to that prototyping the Skandia Future Center as a Lab for Organisational design, one of the very first in the World in 1996, and inspired many to be followed. During 1996 he was recognised with awards from the American Productivity and Quality Centre, USA and Business Intelligence, UK. In January 1998, Leif received the prestigious Brain Trust "Brain of the Year" award, UK. for his pioneering work on IC. In 1999 noted as Most Admired Knowledge Award on Knowledge Leadership. He was also awarded The KEN Practitioner of the Year 2004, from Entovation International, where he also is an E 100. In 2006 also listed in a book by London Business Press, as one of The 50 Most influential Thinkers in the World. In March 1997, together with Michael S. Malone, he launched one of the very first books on Intellectual Capital.


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This Foreword is included in the book Knowledge-Based Development for Cities and Societies: Integrated Multi-Level Approaches.
Evolution of IC Science and Beyond
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Today we are bombarded by information and news signals, including health, meteorological, and financial issues. The interpretation of many of these signals will call for a new...
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