Lemuria Carter

Lemuria Carter is an assistant professor at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her research explores the impact of e-government initiatives on government-to-constituent relationships, the impact of Internet technology on citizens’ perceptions of e-government services, and the role of trust in technology adoption. Her research is published in several reputable, refereed journals including Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, Information Systems Frontiers, and Communications of the ACM. She also serves as track and mini-track chair of e-government at the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) and the Hawaiian International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), respectively.


E-Government Utilization: Understanding the Impact of Reputation and Risk
Lemuria Carter, Ludwig Christian Schaupp, Jeffrey Hobbs, Ronald Campbell. © 2012. 15 pages.
The implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the public sector has numerous benefits. Government administrators are aggressively seeking ways to...
Internet Voting Usefulness: An Empirical Analysis of Trust, Convenience and Accessibility
Lemuria Carter, Ronald Campbell. © 2012. 17 pages.
Opportunities for Internet use in the political process are constantly emerging. The use of the Internet to obtain political news and share political information is gaining...
Lemuria Carter. © 2011.
This Foreword is included in the book Stakeholder Adoption of E-Government Services: Driving and Resisting Factors.
Relating Acceptance and Optimism to E-File Adoption
Lemuria Carter, Ludwig Christian Schaupp. © 2011. 13 pages.
Electronic tax filing is an emerging area of e-government. This research proposes a model of e-filing adoption that identifies adoption factors and personal factors that impact...
Using Information Technology for Strategic Growth from Single-Mission Transportation Company to Multi-Faceted Global Logistics Corporation
Shirley Hanshaw, Lemuria Carter. © 2008. 11 pages.
Businesses involved in logistics and supply chain management rely on information technology to deliver services "on time" with highest productivity. One such business began in...