Levent Yilmaz

Levent Yilmaz is Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering and holds a joint appointment with the Industrial and Systems Engineering at Auburn University. He received M.S. and PhD. degrees from Virginia Tech. His research interests are in Modeling & Simulation, Agent-directed Simulation, and Complex Adaptive Systems with a focus in advancing the theory and methodology of modeling and simulation and developing computational models of autonomous, self-organizing, and self-adaptive systems. He is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling &Simulation International. He is member of ACM, IEEE Computer Society, Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS), and Upsilon Pi Epsilon.


An Information Foraging Model of Knowledge Creation and Spillover Dynamics in Open Source Science
Özgür Özmen, Levent Yilmaz. © 2012. 23 pages.
Motivation and problem-domain preferences of scientists can affect aggregate level emergence and growth of problem domains in science. An agent-based model based on information...
Simulation-Based Study of Community Governance and Conflict Management in Emerging Global Participatory Science Communities
Levent Yilmaz. © 2011. 28 pages.
Despite significant research in open innovation, much less is known about why and how collective creativity emerges in open source scientific communities, as relatively little is...
Collaborative Technology: Improving Team Cooperation and Awareness in Distance Learning for IT Education
Levent Yilmaz. © 2009. 11 pages.
This chapter presents a set of requirements for next generation groupware systems to improve team cooperation and awareness in distance learning settings. The premise of the...