Linda Rafaela Lemus

Linda R. Lemus, Ph.D, is an instructional designer at the Center for New Designs Learning & Scholarship (CNDLS) at Georgetown University. She holds an MA degree in Spanish Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. Her research interests include online pedagogy, augmented reality, learning design and Computer Assisted Language Learning. She has presented her research in various conferences, including topics of identity, language acquisition and use, course design, program development, gaming and technology.


Optimizing Instructional Design Methods in Higher Education
Yianna Vovides, Linda Rafaela Lemus. © 2019. 245 pages.
Higher learning has seen an increase in web-based distance education programs, which coincides with advancements made in educational technologies. As these programs are on the...
The Evolving Landscape of Instructional Design in Higher Education
Yianna Vovides, Linda Rafaela Lemus. © 2019. 8 pages.
This chapter introduces the readers to the current practice of instructional design in higher education and describes the need for optimizing instructional design methods and...
The Role of Instructional Design in Surfacing the Hidden Curriculum
Linda Rafaela Lemus, Yianna Vovides. © 2019. 7 pages.
This chapter examines the role of instructional design in relation to the hidden curriculum in higher education. It also discusses the potential and limitations of instructional...