Liudmyla Gryzun

Liudmyla Gryzun earned a M.A. in Applied Mathematics from the Kharkiv State University, USSR (1986); PhD and Second Doctoral Degree in Pedagogical science from H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University (Ukraine) where she worked as a professor of Informatics Department for 22 years. She is currently a full professor of Information Systems Department at Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics (Ukraine). The sphere of her research is focused on the curriculum and educational content design in higher education; AI application to pedagogical problems solution; IT tools for inquiry-based and holistic learning; digital aids development for inclusive education etc. She is an author of more than 130 scientific and methodical works including 1 monograph, 2 collective monographs, and 6 tutorials. Liudmyla Gryzun is a president of the International Science and Technical Research Association ( ) delivering keynote presentations at ICSTR and other international conferences.


Problems of Digital Aids Design for Speech Development of the Students With Autistic Disorders
Liudmyla Gryzun. © 2023. 20 pages.
In accordance with the objectives of the chapter, there are formulated core features of the design of special software for training students with autistic disorders. They are...